"In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate."
— Toni Morrison (via oldblueeyes)

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Fanart by 皇♦小J.

I adore these. Unpopular Opinion but Im kind of already tired of the Roughneck/Mob/Trap/etc Sailor Moon fan redesigns that have been floating around the last few years and this is such a refreshing take on making the Scouts look dangerous without compromising that fluffy shoujo touch.

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"Plastic surgery" in Korea, in a sense, became another kind of "dog meat"—that is, a quick-and-dirty topic for the media to do a hey-look-at-these-weird-Asian-people story. […]

Part of the reason for the stupidity of the commentary about Korea’s plastic surgery is plastic surgery seems like such an easy issue. People going under the knife to change the way they look—seems easy enough to solve that. The well-meaning people would lament, “If only Korean women believed in themselves!” with the implication that, if only the silly Korean people listened to them, the world would be a better place.

Well, no. Take your good intentions and continue paving that road to hell, because few things are more infuriating than well-meaning ignorance. Such ignorance belongs to the same species as the well-intended advice to the poor that they should simply try a little harder. It diminishes the complex challenges that the people embroiled in the issue face.


A helpful rule of thumb in trying to explore this issue: if you find yourself moving toward a perspective that does not treat Koreans—especially Korean women—as people who make autonomous decisions in the face of certain factual situations, stop and start over. If you find yourself cobbling together the few facts that you know about Korea to figure this out (“Isn’t K-pop Korean? Of course they must be connected!”), stop thinking and start reading more about Korea. If you cannot recognize the parallels between Korea’s plastic surgery and other bodily modifications common in the place you live, even just for the sake of discerning the starting point from which those two things part company, stop thinking about Korea and develop more self-awareness about your own society first.


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